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Adda Mata Charity Foundation

Hope for the less privileged


To eradicate hunger and illiteracy in the northern part of Nigeria


We are a charity organisation in honor of Mrs. Adda Mata Garba, who was a selfless and loving mother, sister and a patriotic Nigeria


We do it for the poor and less privilege.


Adda Mata Charity Foundation (AMCF) is a Nigerian based Non-Governmental and Not-for-profit organization created with the fundamental aim of uplifting underprivileged women and children through empowerment programmes and aids.

Purposed as a give-back scheme by the family of Garba and powered by Velvot Nigeria Limited, a leading Cloud Service Provider (CSP) in Nigeria with reach across Africa, ADDA MATA (Translated from Hausa to mean ELDERLY WIFE) was created in honour of late Hajiya Hadiza Garba who was a respected mother, wife and a figure to many, both to her immediate family and her community.

She was a fierce visionary who wanted to see women around her, living a life of dignity and able to fend for themselves and their children while excelling in their chosen line of interest.


Among her many legacies was how she taught and embedded in her children the foundational knowledge and skills needed to develop business acumen via making independent decisions that brought honor to the family, She’s also a politician as she herself excelled in the business she embarked upon and was a pride of the family.


It is this vision of hers to see women, particularly widows live dignified life that gave birth to Adda Mata Charity Foundation.

As a responsive NGO, Adda Mata Charity Foundation is passionate about helping disadvantaged pregnant women go through safer gestation periods and deliveries.